About ZISA

Company Introduction


ZISA , was founded in 2004, based in Beijing, famous as Capital of P.R. China, Orient Silicon Valley, R&D center of high-tech innovation industry in China.With more than 10 years experience in ICT industry, ZISA is committed to providing the professional service and solution to overseas customer, making continuous innovation to meet customers’ requirements.As a global market company, ZISA Fibre PON equipments, wireless AP solution, and xDSL solutions have been implemented in over 30 countries and regions.


As a global professional ICT solutions provider, ZISA supplies competitive ICT optical fiber, copper line, wireless end to end solutions and services to ISP,Carriers,SI,Enterprise,SMB ,SOHO and various vertical industries! To keep technical advantage and innovative solution, ZISA invest more than 8% of annual sales into R&D and customer service.


More than 95% of ZISA employees graduated as bachelor or above degree, with overseas studying and working experience. Most of key employees worked in worldwide leading ICT Industry Company for more than 10 years. In the coming future, the information technology will connect all nodes including people, computer, handset and even more smart IDs. As ZISA partner, the communication will be easier and never stopped.




 To providing customer better service is the key how can make ZISA survive. The demand from customer is the power to push ZISA keeping growth and development. Steady solution, better development, Value-added service constructed ZISA Value standard.



 To win customers respect and trust, ZISA keep passion,devoted into all the ambition and energy to help our customer and partner to create more benefits and decrease the unnecessary cost. Digging into all the details, ZISA raise our service level to make things perfect. 



 ZISA pay lots of patience to help our employees and partner to grow up. ZISA believed, with the trust and honest, keep patience and long time perfect cooperation that is cornerstone for ZISA can be continue.



 ZISA is an open-sharing company to encourage all teams and partners to share the successful story and lessons. Share more, Gain more!



 ZISA will be honest to all of our partners, customers and ZISA employees, which is the base stone of developing. The most important thing is treating customers honestly and gettingcustomers’ trust.



Keep innovation, to make ZISA a robust and young team, with passion and ambition. Renew everytime.


About Us,ZISA-Communication Never Stops,ZISA, Communication Never Stops!

About Us-ZISA-Communication Never Stops

About Us,ZISA-Communication Never Stops