ZISA Business Wireless Solution

ZISA AP is a dual band 2x2 MIMO indoor Wi-Fi AP, which is designed for high-density deployments in large offices, schools, hospitals and hotels that require premium performance. Having perfect compatibility, the AP works with most wireless terminals to builds a high capacity Wi-Fi network.

ZISa AP entralized management by integration with 3rd party controller or cloud management systems. It is convenient to remotly manage and mornitor the APs. Multiple separate SSIDs help to control the access to the network. With the QoS policy, the service with high priority can be assured for the good experience. The 802.1x and Web authencicaiotn provide the enhanced security for the system.



Application,ZISA-Communication Never Stops,ZISA, Communication Never Stops!

Application-ZISA-Communication Never Stops

Application,ZISA-Communication Never Stops