DPU 3016


16 Ports G.fast DPU


The emergence of OTT videos and 4K TV is accelerating ultra-broadband network deployments. Fiber to the home (FTTH) is a good solution to offer ultra-broadband service, but is costly and difficult to deploy services due to complicated construction works.

G.fast, which reuses existing copper resources to reach speeds comparable to FTTH (1,000 Mbit/s), is well-suited to brownfield areas. Featuring faster access, faster deployment, and faster return on investment, G.fast is attracting increasing industry attention.

ZISA DPU 3016 rackmount, is 16-port G.fast DPU which accepts AC90~264V local power.

The service sets for DPU 3016 are IPTV, HSIA, and cVoIP. Together with advanced Ethernet OAM, it also targets for business services for copper wired Multi-tenant Units.

As following block diagram, DPU 301650 supports switch selectable (1) 2.5G SFP interface and (2) 1G SFP or GE interface as its uplink interface.


  • Profile 106a, spectrum up to 106 MHz bandwidth at 4dBm transmit power
  • 16-port vectoring (crosstalk cancellation) with linear precoding now, and will support nonlinear precoding in the future when standards are clearly defined
  • Programmable Time-Division Duplexing, to accommodate different asymmetry ratios of downstream/upstream (Downstream MDS 15~29).
  • Full start up sequence takes less than 20sec, and the fast retrain time, including 16-port vectoring, is under 2sec.
  • Tolerant of inside wire impairments and changing noise conditions
  • Fast On-Line Reconfiguration (SRA, FRA, and bit-swapping) to cope with Channel/DPU 3016 series management structure
  • Follows BBF G.fast recommendations and TR-167, the DPU and G.fast SFP modem are treated as a GPON fed remote DSLAM
  • Currently supports CLI/WEB/SNMP management, and will add the Netconf protocol and Yang data modeling for G.997.2.
  • The GPON feed/GPON SFP ONT are managed by OMCI messages from the OLT.



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Product Detail-ZISA-Communication Never Stops

Product Detail,ZISA-Communication Never Stops