HUAWEI MA5633 CMTS Docsis 3.1

D-CCAP DOCSIS 3.1 CMC Device (Cable Outlets on a Single Side)

Product Overview
Huawei SmartAX MA5633 distributed converged cable access platform (D-CCAP) coaxial media
converter (CMC) device is a full-service, highly intelligent digital cable network device designed for
fiber deep migration. Installed at the edge of an HFC network, the MA5633 delivers a Gigabit
bandwidth to a group of users at a lower cost than traditional HFC with centralized CMTS and FTTH.
With the built-in EQAM or pluggable optical receiver, the MA5633 is fully backward compatible to
existing QAM-based services. With Huawei OLT located at the head end aggregates up to several
hundreds of distributed MA5633s. This solution provides space, power, and cooling efficiencies
required for a large-scale transition toward fiber deep architectures. Positioning to support the SDN
framework, the D-CCAP further evolves HFC.

Product Highlights
High-performance DOCSIS3.1
 DOCSIS3.1 performance improves significantly: Benefit from D-CCAP architecture, CNR
improvement makes 4K QAM transmission possible. As a results, more D3.1 cable modems can
achieve high throughputs.
 One step DOCSIS3.1 Deployment: MA5633 is hardware ready for DOCSIS3.1 – It supports
2*192 MHz DS and 2*96MHz US. Upgrading from D3.0 to D3.1, it is simply just a software
Flexible Integration
 Modular optical receiver or transmitter provides flexible configuration options.
 Pluggable wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) to support RF overlay by single fiber core.
 Built-in edge quadrature amplitude modulation (EQAM).
 The power module is replaceable when it is faulty.
Converged Services
 Utilizing Huawei’s MA5800 OLT platform, both MA5633 and fiber to the home (FTTH) devices
can share same platform for provisioning platform.
 Provides an integrated solution for video and data services using a built-in EQAM, which
simplifies network deployment
 Broadcasting (BC) redundancy protects TV service flows so that when a service flow fails, the
other service flow can be normally forwarded. This effectively ensures that users can watch TV
programs when a network fault occurs.

Flexible Installation
Supports multiple installation scenarios, including aerial-mounted, wall-mounted, and network
pedestal cabinet installation. The device powered by 60 V AC can be installed outdoors and the
device powered by 220 V AC can only be installed indoors or in the cabinet.
Simple Maintenance and Management
 Supports centralized management. In this mode, the MA5633 is plug-and-play and regarded as
a service board of the OLT. Simple and efficient maintenance and operations are performed on
the OLT. The OLT supports remote configuration, upgrades, and O&M of the MA5633.
 Smart RF adjustment. With this feature, the CLI or NMS can be used to pre-configure the
downstream RF power and RF level tilting, and upstream attenuation and equalization of the
MA5633. The mobile APP can be used to query, set or adjust the MA5633’s RF parameters.
This feature is simplifying MA5633 O&M and reducing O&M costs.
 Supports upstream spectrum scanning. Upstream cable channels are prone to interference from
external noises, which adversely affect CMs and user services.
 Supports upstream spectrum scanning and its file storage for maintenance analysis.
 U2000 supports upstream spectrum scanning. Spectrum range from 0–204 MHz supports
quiet noise scanning, carrier with noise scanning, and free running scanning. The sampling
is performed at an interval of 100 ms and step of 60 kHz.
 Supports proactive network maintenance (PNM): Before a network fault adversely affects user
services, the fault diagnosis system connected to the MA5633 detects this fault based on the
analysis on the pre-equalization coefficients obtained between CMs and the MA5633. This
function provides a preventive maintenance mode which decreases actual faults greatly,
thereby reducing network O&M costs and improving carriers‘ service level agreement (SLA).

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