Welcome to visit our 2018 CES show to meet

Welcome to visit our 2018 CES show to meet

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Happy new year

Happy new year

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ZISA, as the Sponsor and Innovation Champ-winner of GAST EXPO meeting

ZISA, as the Sponsor and Innovation Champ-winner of GAST EXPO meeting, showed the most advanced 5G IOT telecom solution and Intelligent Robotic products in the EXPO B Aero.

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2017 CIOE

Tomorrow will be the beginning ceremony of CIOE 2017, ZISA will be prepared in Hilton Awards Hall to show the new technology of 100G QSFP+ Module and XGPON BoSA in the exhibition. And we will also pre...

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GPON HUG trends to 802.11AC wireless to fasten the Wifi access

ZISA OP156-AC 4GE 11ac WIFI VOIP GPON HGU More and more FTTH end users are complaining that the WIFI from GPON ONT slow down the speed of internet access, with more and more BYOD device in the house. ...

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Zisacom leads the Telecommunications in Global Middle-size ISP market

ZISA, Communication Never Stop!ZISA Group success in past dozen of years can be directly linked to the fact that Company operates in a customer centric manner supplying innovative, cost-effective solu...

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ZISA achieved rapid development in the GPON market

By 2015-2016 the rapid development, ZISA GPON products have been achieved a wide coverage in the world. In particular, to obtain a high customer recognition in Europe, Southeast Asia, South America an...

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ZISA publish 4GE+2FXS+11AC WIFI OP156-AC ONT

[Zisa Corporation Limited.](, OP156-AC GPON ONT is a variety of FTTB \ FTTH \ FTTO accessing ONT published by ZISA for carrier-grade FTTH network applications. It can support pure...

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ZISA help Rostelecom to enhance the end-user Internet experience

[Zisa Corporation Limited.](, ZISA cooperate withRostelecomonOptical Communication service, mainly related to optical network unit. ZISA OP156 GPON ONU win the bid, OP156 can prov...

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ZISA GPON Stick OP151S release

ZISA FTTB Solution for OP151S The GPON FTTX solution for OP151S is a new terminal mode for GPON solution, which is a variety of FTTB\ FTTO accessing ONT published by ZISA for carrier-grade FTTH networ...

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New enterprise-class WIFI AP Launched

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Russia Telecom cooperation with ZISA

Russia the biggest telecom company Rostelcom cooperation with ZISA.Russia the biggest telecom company Rostelcom, work with ZISA GPON and Switch product line long time, currently is speeding up the coo...

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